Roofline News

Blocked Guttering.

What happens when guttering on your home becomes blocked,.... or even more importantly, the swan neck that connects to the top of the down pipe gets blocked? On most houses the guttering at roof level is not visible and requires access from a ladder to inspect. When the blockage occurs, rain water cannot flow away, holding water back along the guttering and in most cases spilling over onto the brickwork on the outside of the house.

When this happens over a prolonged period the spilling rain water (which becomes an excessive amount of water to land against the outside of the house), will cause damage and lead to damp inside the home.
Protecting the Eaves.

The Roofline, where the roof joins the house needs protection from the rain and elements. When a roof is installed the roof tiles normally overhang the fascia boards to allow rain water to fall into the gutters and drain away. On many older properties, or some with poorly installed guttering rain water can miss the guttering, eaves trays are available to be fitted retrospectively.


Ventilating the loft space.

Most lofts and roofs have insulation these days to keep warmth inside your home. Without the necessary amount of air circulating the loft condensation forms and eventually drips and can penetrate ceiling boards etc. There are a host of roof ventilation products available that can be installed without renewing the complete roofline or roof.

Bird Proofing.

Many roof tile designs create openings along the roofline, holes in rotten wooden fascia boards are also ideal opportunities for birds and scuttling creatures to enter your home. During a roofline inspection, these issues can be address by fitting appropriate guards.
Slipped Roof Tiles.

Missing, broken and slipped roof tiles or slates are the biggest cause of leaks in pitched roofs. Tiles are installed in rows with the row above overlapping the joins in the tiles in the row below typically. If a tile is missing the rain water will penetrate the roof eventually finding its way through any underlay barrier or roofing felt, and into the loft space.... 
Roof repair broken tiles
Bird proofing roof tiles

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