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  1. Guttering on bungalow
    10 May, 2017
    Guttering on bungalow
    Hi Guys, I just didn't realise how important it was for the guttering on a house to work correctly. This bungalow in Allington, Maidstone had approx. 30-40 year old grey pvc guttering. They used to have a car port along the side too, when that was removed it exposed the guttering which was not in great condition and leaking. I learnt today how to get a flow on a gutter run, by tying a string line from one end of the gutter run, attached to the gutter bracket and pulling it tight while
  2. Tricky Over flow pipe from boiler
    04 Apr, 2017
    Tricky Over flow pipe from boiler
    Hi Guys, My second experience out in the field. What looked like a very simple, small job to replace a wooden soffit board and gutter. Not at all!!! Once up at the Roofline (Which I learnt is where the roof meets the house), it was apparent there was an overflow pipe from the loft that had been installed pushing the soffit down and creating a problem in the gutter, which was continually overflowing in heavy rain. The fitters were to install a black upvc soffit, which had to be expertly