Gutter & Roof Repairs

Black pvc guttering with rafter brackets
Rainwater causes more damage to homes than anything else, and this is why it is important to maintain the good health of your gutters. Even a small leak in a gutter joint, constantly dripping will wear away at the surface of the ground below the leak, it will cause water to splash up against your home and create damp inside.

Most types of guttering, whether it is pvc, cast iron, cast aluminium or steel can be repaired at the joints. In some cases the guttering being clogged with a combination of rainwater & debris (moss/leaves, etc) can cause weakness and have an effect on old brackets causing them to come loose and drop, this in turn can have an impact on the alignment of the guttering, which will also cause overspills and leaks.

At The Roofline Specialist, we always attempt to carry out a repair on gutter leaks first, prior to replacing whole sections of guttering or fascias on your Roofline. You can rest assured, with our experience and honesty that you have come to the specialist gutter repair company in Maidstone.
GRP fibreglass porch roof
Black half round pvc guttering
Chimney repair
Roof Repairs

As with the gutters on your home, rainwater entering the home through your roof space will cause potentially expensive damage. The Roofline Specialist mainly undertakes repairs of roofs, so we are typically readily available when you need us.

We can work on all types of roof, and only use the highest quality materials allowing us to guarantee the repairs we carry out for you. Our skilled roofers can fit replacement natural slate tiles, Eternit, pan tiles, lead work or ridge tiles, as well as repairs for felt flat roofs by layering hot bitumen, and if necessary can install a whole new roofing system to provide a more efficient and effective solution for your property. See our  Flat & Garage Roofs page for more information.

Please contact us for any of your roofing needs, including storm damage. 01622 924311
Roof verge repair
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